People I used to know

The list is longer than this, but here are the names of some of the people that I have known:

Renee Clair, Kevin Tagney, Tim Griswold, Cheryl Rapson, Philip Critot, Doug Carlyle, Sheila Stunkert, Chris Scott, Marty Lindstrom, Patrick Burnson, Diana Strong, Cherice Fertita, Linda Stone, Mark Waples, Dennis Stilagross, Kim Waples, Jennifer Atzen, Jennifer Thorsby, Laura Inness, Michele Bozack, Sherry Rehwoldt, Tony Meyer, Cindy Meyer, Ann Hugenberry, Wendy Jones, Kathy Bates, Kevin Roche, Valerie Springer, Susan Masta, Rick Golding, Eddie Obrian, Cindy Shed, John Hardenbrook, Bill Strachen, Jack Barbay, Bob Sullivan, Michele Cloutier, Debbie Clark, Kevin Tardivi, Mauren MacAloon, Lauren Mitchell, Tammi Tardivi, Erik McMahon, Alan Glass, Bill Priebe, Alec Fisken, Roger Buysee, Tom Buysee, Rick Burr, Michael Piche, Mary Grace Tombler, Sal Falassa, Janice Closser, Kenny Closser, Laura Closser, Donald Hess, Ron Calo, Mike Monthomery, Judy Andrechuck, Tim McDaid, Maureen Standley, Mark Standley, Shirley Standley, Paul Standley, Ricky Barnhart, Stanley Wallace, Chris Gorch, Priscilla Steiner, Donna Johnson-Poehls, Jodi Seal, Sue Kirch, Kelly Schero, Sandy Brown, Danny Perrini, Frema Nadelson, Laura Allen, John Tigart, Mark Brown, Eddie Obrien, Rick Golding…

There were periods of my life where I knew these people well, and now I don’t know them at all. I’m not sure there’s any deep meaning to any of it. Some come and go, some stick. But my list is large and if I sat for an hour, it would be double or triple the size. Thats a lot of people to lose touch with. I don’t think I want to lose touch with anyone else I know. The farther along I go in this life, the more each of those people mean to me.

I hope everyone in my list is well. I hope their lives have been mostly happy.

I hope we run into each other again. I’d like to say hi and catch up.


2 thoughts on “People I used to know

  1. If we’re fortunate enough, by God’s grace, to be included in the “Church Triumphant,” we WILL run into each other again, in that eternal banquet prepared at the beginning of time.

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